India Desk

India, due to its strong GDP growth and expanding middle class, is an attractive destination for many international firms. Yet, despite all its economic strength, India can be a challenging place to do business without the proper knowledge and experience. After all, many different Indias exist within the subcontinent.  There are vivid differences in languages, literacy, income and geography all within the same country. 

At Global Law Alliance we have the right combination of cultural sensitivity, years of business experience in India, and legal knowledge required to successfully partner with clients in their Indian endeavours. Our India practice is actively engaged with an extensive client network comprising of global Indian companies that extends from New Delhi in the North to Bangalore and Chennai in the South, from Mumbai in the West to Kolkata in the East. We have worked with a number of Singapore corporations with Indian interests and have experience in projects as diverse as property development projects, forays by hospital groups, and a major IT park.  Over many years, we have established strong relationships with top tier Indian law firms as well as governmental and regulatory agencies, including the Reserve Bank of India and the Foreign Investment Promotion Board.