Malaysia Desk

The economies of Singapore and Malaysia have always had a high degree of interdependence.  Bilateral trade between the two neighbours have accounted for more than 10% of all foreign trade in both countries, and Singapore remains one of the largest foreign investors in Malaysia.

We have excellent connectivity in Malaysia through our directors Mr. Peter Lee Siew Choong , Mr. Liew Tek Huat and Mr. Yohan Ananda Rajan.

The launch of “Iskandar Malaysia”, an ambitious 5.5 million acre development corridor in Johor, has attracted large investments from Singapore as well as international businesses, intensifying the flow of investments and business deals between both countries. Building upon this momentum, the governments of both countries have jointly announced plans to enhance the infrastructural links between the two countries. Under this backdrop, bilateral trade across the causeway has increased nearly 15% in just one year, reaching S$70 billion dollars in 2012.

We have forged a strategic alliance with Malaysian law firm Shahrizat Rashid & Lee which provides a full range of legal services including in corporate banking and finance, capital markets, real estate, construction and dispute resolution. This alliance now enables us to offer our clients seamless service from professionals with experienced on-the-ground knowledge of the legal and cultural paradigms necessary to succeed in Singapore and Malaysia including the Iskandar development region where we are currently acting for a major Singapore developer.

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