Vietnam Desk

As the ‘traditional’ emerging market economies become more developed and saturated, many investors are turning their eyes to the ‘second wave’ of emerging countries, often dubbed frontier markets. Prime amongst the countries in this wave is Vietnam.  Vietnam’s economy has progressed significantly in a short amount of time.  GDP growth rates are consistently strong, although higher than expected inflation is still a cause for concern. Nevertheless, the country’s relations with the outside world continue to thaw and a number of international companies are investing in Vietnam and establishing significant manufacturing operations there. The government’s latest Socio-Economic Development Strategy for this decade identifies creating world class infrastructure, building a skilled labour force and strengthening market based institutions as priorities.

Given Vietnam’s emergence as a foreign investment hub, GLA has entered into an alliance with Luat Viet, a premier local law firm with offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.  Luat Viet counts many Fortune 500 companies amongst its client roster and is experienced in a wide range of legal services. 

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