Corporate Finance & Capital Markets

Our expertise in the capital markets extends to equity and debt funding by way of public offerings, venture capital investments, private placement memorandums, rights issues, issue of warrants, bonds and convertible securities. We also advise listed companies on compliance requirements with the Singapore Exchange (SGX) regulations.

Working closely over many years with the Monetary Authority of Singapore on policy and regulatory developments and with the SGX, Global Law Alliance has the ability to offer in-depth and effective advice on financial and securities law issues.

A comprehensive range of legal services are provided for IPOs. Our aim is to provide practical solutions that meet our client’s commercial objectives within the legal and regulatory framework. Our comprehensive service for IPOs includes:

  • Restructuring of companies for IPO
  • Private Equity and Venture Capital Practice
  • Due diligence of companies
  • Preparation of prospectuses and related documents
  • Advice on compliance and regulatory issues
  • Liaison with the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the SGX
  • Advice on applicable legislation including the Securities and Futures Act and the SGX Listing Rules
  • Coordination of due diligence of overseas operations of clients’ companies
  • Advice on private placement
  • Advice on specific issues on disclosure, interested person transactions, potential conflicts of interest and corporate governance